What is SEM?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing, refers to Internet advertising that promotes sites through relevant ads related to similar searches and are usually shown along with the search results.

How does SEM work?

Google Adwords offers a wide variety of options to promote a business, and a well executed campaign can boost sales and achieve greater and better visibility for your company and its services.

This type of advertising have a payment scheme called “pay per click” or PPC. In this case, the search engines count the number of clicks that an advertisement receives to be able to do the charge based on two things: the cost and the previously defined budget.

Ask for an SEM Consulting

Do you want to have a better position on your website?

Do you want to appear in the first results of Google?

Starting price of € 500

How do we do it?

As Google Partners agency, we count on Certified Adwords specialists to improve your search engine position by managing your online advertising campaigns and obtaining the best results with a specific budget by optimizing your resources and designing the proper campaigns, always after an exhaustive analysis of the main keywords and their opportunities.

We’re constantly looking for Google AdWords recent updates as well as the latest trends in paid search listing, being both what allow us to give you the advice and strategic view that you need for enlarge the Return of Investment (ROI) of your business.

Our services are tailor-made and our budgets respond to every client needs, always related to the budget for the campaign.

About us

We are professionals in web development and digital marketing consulting.

We have worked on national and international successful  projects of great success, and along the way we’ve gained a vast experience in site optimization through SEO and SEM strategies that allow us now to help improve the performance of yours.

Get to know our services or contact us today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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