What is SEO?

Google displays and organize the results it plays acording to the relevance and the authority the pages have. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the technique that allows you to place your site in a good position within the results pages of Google, Bing or Yahoo, increasing visits and giving greater visibility to your business or products.

Have you ever clicked on a link on the second Google search page?

Do you need help to find out the best way to put your ideas into practice without losing your presence online?

In Elabs Consulting S.L we’re experts in SEO with extensive experience developing international projects. We’ve been helping our custumers by using white hat techniques and we’ll work with you to create an online strategy that makes sense and fits to every need you have. We’ll help you to know who your competitors are, and demonstrate that keywords are very important not only for success, but to know where your target audience is.

We will study the optimization of your website, the strategy of linkbuilding and your competition in order to create a customized SEO consulting package based on your specific needs and budget.

Ask for an SEO Consulting

Do you want to have a better position on your website?

Do you want to appear in the first results of Google?

Do you want to have a better position on your website?


How do we do it?

Working side by side with your web design team. Our team of SEO consultants will make a comprehensive evaluation of your website, your keywords, data structure, the strategy of link building employed and from there design a strategy that will help you improve the web positioning in organic searches of your niche market, Giving your business greater visibility.

What tasks does search engine optimization involve?

The search engine positioning process involves a wide range of tasks, which can vary depending on the current status of the project and the requirements of each client. Our SEO Consulting services include:

-Development of SEO strategies: We will work with you to define a customized needs assessment and strategy for the success of long term search engine positioning.

-SEO Audit: We prepare a deep analysis of your site, locating the areas that need immediate improvement for a better page optimization.

-Software Recommendation: The content marketing industry is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of software solutions to help track, analyze and improve your keyword ranking. We can help you find the best SEO tools you need for your online strategy.

-Keywords analysis: Perhaps the most boring and dreaded task in online marketing. As a SEO agency we’ll do the dirty work by analyzing the search behavior of the user, identifying the keywords that generate us better opportunities and finally gain greater visibility in the search engines.

-Competitive analysis: By benchmarking we’ll see how your competition works, studying their online strategies to find out what strategies they are following and identify which keywords are bringing them the most traffic. The audit has an initial price of € 500 and we deliver it as soon as possible (both the price and delivery time may increase depending on the size of the site).

-Web Usability (UX): We will help your website provide an excellent user experience to visitors. A simple navigation and a responsive web are factors that greatly influence SEO positioning.

-Linkbuilding Audit: We can review your old links and build a customized strategy for acquiring quality links.

-SEO Optimization On site and Off site: Are you having second toughts about redesigning your website because of the possibility of losing your online positioning? Don’t worry, we’ll create a strategy to work with your web development and online marketing team to ensure your positioning and improve your online visibility.

Do you have SEO knowledge and a well-informed development team, but do you need an SEO Consultant who will guarantee the correct implementation of your changes? Trust our experience and see how your website begins to gain visibility and improve your positioning. Our SEO consultancy is qualified to face any type of online project, whether it is a small business or a large company, our specialists will give you the solutions you need.

About us

We are professionals in web development and digital marketing consulting.

We have worked on national and international successful  projects of great success, and along the way we’ve gained a vast experience in site optimization through SEO and SEM strategies that allow us now to help improve the performance of yours.

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