What is SMO?

The SMO or Social Media Optimization SMO is the marriage between SEO and Social Media. As a 21st century business, yours can’t exist without addressing online visibility and the costumer interaction. A well planned SMO strategy guides your potential costumes where you want them to go by conecting all your social media accounts in a solid manageble network network.  

What does a good SMO get?

By connecting with people in different places online the reach level of your business will expand and the chances of people. In addition when they are used effectively social networks improve results search engine positioning.

Social media is an integral part of online marketing strategies and have been for a few years now, mostly because it’s an effective platform for targeting millions of people with a few clicks. Marketing in social media, however, goes beyond the publication of new services and promotions on Facebook. What we’re looking for is to set focus on the public by developing a brand indentity that let us reach our audincy in an organic way.

Your presence on social media should talk by itself about who you are, what you do and why you’re a better option that your competitors. Because being on social media is a great start, but its bad use can do you wrong more that it can help.


Ask for an SMO Consulting

Transform your followers into customers.

Improve your online presence.

Starting price of € 500

How do we do it?

As experts in Social Media Optimization, we position your brand, we make a tool out of your social networks that contributes to the success of your web and we teach you how to use the advantages of social media and transform it into benefits.

We also help you optimize your corporate image in social media along with strategies that help you improve your SEO position. If you already working on your image on a particular platform but you can’t seem to reach its potential, or you want brand new accounts on all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin, we’re here to help you to plan the right approach acording to your business needs.

Our Community Managers, experts in online communication, will guide you to increase your audience engagement, make your fans and followers more involve in your brand and give you the guidelines to a proper management of your accounts, in order to ensure that you have the best exposure possible.

What tasks does Social Media Marketing involve?

·         Identify and target your audience.

·         Build recognition of your brand, services or products you offer.

·         Creating content on your social networks and manage your communities.

·         Monitor the general feeling people have around your brand.

·         Creating a blog with engaging content that drives traffic to your site.

·         Creation of ads and their distribution.

·         Development of landing pages for sweepstakes or promotions.

·         Reporting: we provide our clients with periodic reports on the performance of their online profiles and measure the ROI of their social media strategy.

About us?

We are professionals with long-time experience in the development of Internet projects and online marketing consulting. We can improve your presence online by improving the positioning of your sites through SEO and SEM strategies. Our vast experience in site optimization and our participation in international successful projects are what makes us capable of help your business grow.

Contact us to see how our SEO consulting services can help you iimprove your website’s ranking on Google’s search engine results.











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