What is User Experience?

The UX is the way a user interacts with a site and the management of the negative or positive perception that he has after its use. The User Experience is one of the main components of the web’s success. After all,it’s useless to have a great product if nobody knows how to use it.

Users come to a web site looking for specific solutions or answers, so the first thing we have to be clear about is what our client is looking for when he arrives on our website. Although it seems simple we’ll be glad to help you to answer it.

How can UX Audit help you?

  • Knowing the target audience and their motivations.
  • Identifying how visitors are using your site.
  • Developing user profiles and maps for visitors to your site.
  • Designing an information and navigation architecture that matches the mental models of your visitors.
  • Designing a website that optimizes the behavior of your visitors.
  • Improving the user’s permanence in the site, which will translate into better KPIs for the company.

Ask for an UX Consulting

Do you want to have a better position on your website?

Do you want to appear in the first results of Google?

Do you want to have a better position on your website?

Starting price of € 500

How do we do it?

We elaborate a complete audit of the site, analyzing different aspects that may be generating a bad experience for the user, damaging their time of permanence in the page and affecting our positioning in search engines.

Our team of consultants will focus on the following aspects of your website:

  • Information architecture.
  • Navigation.
  • Content and multimedia files.
  • Way of conversion, forms and treatment of errors.
  • Analysis of the mobile version.
  • Improve your conversions and the performance of your website.

About us

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