One of the sectors in which we have more experience in Elabs Consulting is the education sector. We develop educational marketing campaigns capable of keeping our clients on top of internet traffic. How do we do it? Customizing the strategy and taking into account the needs and circumstances of each company that places its trust in us.

We are a highly qualified agency with many years of experience. That is why we are experts in detecting opportunities and creating a good marketing project for the digital platform training sector for each center.

We are clear that a good competitor analysis as well as the educational market in general, is necessary to tailor our services to the needs of our clients and improve their brand visibility. To do this, we always start by defining objectives and closely monitoring KPIs and then propose improvements and adjustments based on the results obtained.

Educational companies must take special care of their corporate image and reputation to maintain their image of professionalism and commitment. This ultimately includes the companies you work with and the media in which you promote yourself.

At Elabs this is an aspect that we have in mind, so we offer high-level educational marketing services, we work according to our company values ​​and we have the best team of experts in digital marketing in Barcelona.


Since we started working together 3 years ago, with Educaweb we have achieved incredible results. Despite being well positioned for a high variety of keywords in a competitive environment, in 2018 they put themselves in our hands to reinforce organic positioning and adapt the site to Google's new quality standards.

Today, Educaweb offers content to its users much more focused on their needs as well as a better user experience on the page and in response to the latest updates applied by the search engine (BERT, Core Web Vitals, etc.). Also, motivated changes have been made as a result of our positioning strategy that reinforce Educaweb's leading position in an increasingly competitive sector.

Educaweb trusted Elabs because, in addition to ensuring the same values ​​and philosophy as them, our agency promised remarkable results through a personalized education marketing strategy and constant follow-up work to ensure that all actions were implemented correctly.


Educaedu is a directory of training courses, with face-to-face, online or distance modalities. The courses can be from university careers or masters, to postgraduate degrees, diplomas or any type of academic qualifications. The company was founded in 2001 in Spain, but it was not until 2008 that it was decided to expand the directory internationally, reaching more than 20 countries and 9 different languages ​​today.
In a sector as competitive as Google training, the different SEO strategies with Educaedu have been marked by marketing in the education sector and the specialties of each market in which they work. After so many years of presence on the internet, SEO optimizations and improvements have been constant. Both to follow the guidelines set by the updates of the Google positioning algorithm, as well as the study of the different competitors in the sector, with the aim of continuously improving the positioning.


VIU University is one of the main online universities in the Spanish-speaking world. He has been working with Elabs Consulting for 1 year, with the clear objective of improving the visibility of his courses and masters in all their fields (humanities, science, technology, education, communication, business and legal) at the national level and in the market of Latin America.

For this, our experts have developed an advertising strategy in digital media focused on training marketing, which addresses both banner advertising and newsletters, branded content and social networks. Complete and specific campaigns have been executed to an audience to reach, through different channels, the target target and thus capture quality leads.

EBF European Business Factory

EBF is one of the most reputable business schools in Galicia, thanks to its unique methodology and comprehensive study programs. The academy trusted Elabs Consulting to propose and implement a good marketing plan consisting of restructuring and SEO optimization of the entire site in order to improve its position.


Mextudia is a Mexican digital portal that offers information about universities and other educational institutions. After doing a complete analysis of the situation of its portal, an educational marketing campaign was proposed to change the website from an informational-only page to an informational and transactional page.
In addition to implementing a more transactional directory, as results to be highlighted, it was possible to minimize the risks of change in the search attempt and optimize the internal link of the web through a powerful SEO strategy designed to attract quality visits.