Providing a good industrial marketing strategy for companies in the sector has become necessary in a globalized and constantly evolving world. And it is that to be ahead of the competition and boost the online presence and sales of our clients, having the best digital marketing professionals is key.

For this reason, more and more companies in the industrial sector invest in digital marketing and trust the best agencies to develop a powerful strategy and increase their sales. To do this, achieving a resistant online presence is the way to obtain more visibility and remarkable results.

At Elabs Consulting we are clear about the benefits of having our personalized industrial marketing strategy tailored to the product and peculiarities of each company.

First of all, we are committed to focusing on each client's website and working towards internalization so that it helps to open the market. Next, a good industrial marketing strategy helps improve search engine rankings and position ourselves above the competition. Finally, we adapt to the constant changes in digital marketing, which allows us to carry out efficient monitoring and optimization tasks and, thus, increase our client's sales.

Below you can read about two of the companies in the industrial sector that have trusted us to take off their presence on the Internet and how they have grown after years of working with us.


Manusa has been developing all kinds of smart access doors of the best possible quality and design for more than 50 years. With an international presence in more than 90 countries, Elabs Consulting has been your trusted partner for more than 2 years to continue growing and acquiring the title of leader in the sector.

Some of the industrial digital marketing techniques that have been worked on to improve the visibility of your website are:

  • Elaboration of a Keyword Research and proposal of recategorization and expansion of categories and products.
  • Manusa web migration to HTTPS, creation of a new design and a new recategorization.
  • Writing of content optimized for the new website: product sheets and category content (highly technical and specialized content).
  • Internationalization of the site: in 2019 EN, FR and PT, and in 2020 PT-Brasil and ES-LATAM.
  • External blog migration to and Brazil web migration to
  • Tracking and measurement of events and forms via Google Tag Manager.
  • Content optimization: titles, descriptions and others according to new opportunities or aspects that could be improved.
  • Correction of errors and daily monitoring.
  • Definition of a strategy for Ferroflex (Manusa's industrial brand) and migration of the web within


Founded in 2012, InspiraFarms is an industrial sector company that designs, develops and supplies modular and energy efficient cold rooms and packing plants on and near farms for the agricultural sector. Its purpose is to significantly reduce food losses, lower energy costs, and access higher value markets.

After almost 1 year of collaboration with Elabs, InspiraFarms has redesigned its corporate website together with our IT team to offer more complete content about its refrigeration services for agricultural products. With our industrial marketing strategy and this new content, InspiraFarms is managing to position itself in the first Google results with relevant keywords such as “packing houses” or “cold rooms”.

In addition, with the help of our SEM team, the company has tripled the conversion rate of its campaigns in Google Ads, significantly increasing the number of qualified “leads” that are generated from this traffic source.