In a totally digitized world, physical events and exhibitions continue to be one of the key pieces to give visibility to a company. More and more companies are betting on investing in event marketing, as these are ideal to initiate a first contact with potential clients and learn the values ​​of a brand.

At Elabs Consulting we work with companies that intervene in the creation of the best events, providing quality products to make a brand visible and increase engagement with customers. Through personalized event marketing strategies, the work of our experts is to help companies in the sector acquire potential clients using the best tools and techniques.

How do we do it? After years of experience working with digital marketing for events, we can highlight the actions that have given the most results when it comes to positioning a web page and increasing the conversion of leads.

We are committed to creating attractive and optimized content to increase the visibility of a company's services, optimize its website to improve the user experience, and achieve immediate visibility and ensure a good position among the top positions in Google by creating campaigns through Google Ads.


Easypromos was launched on the market in 2010 as an application designed to create promotions on Facebook, when social networks were not even included in the marketing plans.
Today it is one of the most complete online promotions platforms with clients all over the world. It offers more than 30 different types of promotions, including raffles, contests, trivia, surveys, loyalty programs and business engagement solutions, through all social networks and on all possible devices.
The event marketing projects with Easypromos have been many and varied. From the SEO architecture of both the site and the blog, to the different strategies to achieve the maximum possible visibility in search engines for each of the products.
SEO OnPage actions, content cluster planning, inter-linking improvements and external Linkbuilding strategy, are some of the latest projects in which we continue to collaborate and obtain high-quality results.


Neventum is an events company dedicated to providing stands, hostesses and catering for exhibitions and fairs around the world. The company trusted Elabs to design a marketing campaign for event companies based on publications in local online media and the creation of high-quality content.
Some of the most significant results to be highlighted are the stability of the traffic on the web, which had been decreasing for half a year and the local and international recognition of the brand as a TOP company in the events sector. It is worth mentioning that thanks to the optimizations implemented, Neventum's visibility in the SERPs increased by 30%, and its conversion ratio increased by 15%.