Of the many clients who have trusted Elabs Consulting to increase their online presence, companies in the insurance sector stand out. Our agency is an expert in developing campaigns tailored to insurance marketing to help companies in the industry to attract new quality clients.

The digital transformation is having a before and after in the way we make ourselves known and communicate with our clients. And if we talk about insurance mediation, a good digital marketing strategy for insurers is key to adapt to the current market and meet the objective of increasing the number of policies signed, customer traffic and improving the image and reputation of companies. companies in the sector.

Our experts in digital marketing have worked with insurance companies using different techniques and obtaining, as the main objective, the top positions in search engines and greater customer acquisition.

Among the digital marketing actions for insurance agents that have been carried out, the following stand out: an improvement in the quality of the web content, a careful design of the page to be responsive, an optimization of the loading speed and a reduction of requests to the server. Of course, adapting to the algorithm of the main search engines, always changing.

By adding our years of experience in online marketing and our knowledge of current marketing best practices, we managed to increase the search ranking of our insurance clients and thus increase the traffic on their website, and, therefore, the client portfolio and business profitability.


The relationship between Allianz and Elabs Consulting begins in March 2017. The objectives and strategies have varied depending on the needs of each moment, but always adjusting to digital marketing for insurance. Increasing visibility and gradually improving positioning have been the two main objectives. To achieve this, a multitude of actions have been carried out:

  • The identification and resolution of problems with duplicate content.
  • The improvement of the crawl budget
  • The creation, strategy and content generation of a Blog
  • A new strategy and improvement of internal linking
  • Increase domain authority and target landings
  • Heatmap analysis to improve user experience
  • Get more Leads
  • Achieve a web platform migration without serious organic traffic issues
  • Keyword research and SEO strategies for new products
  • Detection and improvement of aspects related to WPO (Web Performance Optimization)


Considered one of the best mutuals in Spain, Fiatc is an insurance company that offers products and services for both the personal and professional fields.
When they came to us to get their website off the ground and attract quality potential customers, at Elabs we made an analysis of the current situation of both the performance of their website, as well as their competitors and their sector.
After understanding all the portals they have and defining the magnitude of the work to be done, the effort required to work on SEO was counted and it was concluded that at that time the project could not be carried out. All this, despite the desire on both sides to share knowledge and professional values.