In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness and concern about social issues such as social inequalities, racism and climate change. Faced with this reality, many NGOs see the possibility of growth and the ability to mobilize large groups of people through the marketing of NGOs on digital platforms.

After years of experience working and participating directly in the sector, at Elabs Consulting we have become experts in digital marketing for NGOs. For this reason, we know how important it is for our client to have an efficient and optimized website. At the end of the day, it is your cover letter that will give visibility to your activities and objectives.

It is vitally important that the online platform of the non-profit organization is easily accessible and highly usable, that it presents a clear navigation structure and presents valuable information in an orderly manner.

An essential piece in a marketing plan for an NGO is the content. The objective of our agency when we work for companies in this sector is to generate updated and quality content that serves as an entry point for new partners. How do we get it? Addressing current affairs and paying special attention to SEO incorporating keywords and an organized structure.

If you have a non-profit organization and want to expand your online visibility, having an NGO marketing agency is your best option. At Elabs Consulting we adapt to your needs and are committed to providing visible and measurable results. Contact us to customize your marketing strategy and get more information.

Casal dels Infants

Casal dels Infants is an NGO that works so that young people at risk of exclusion receive support, work and study opportunities and overcome inequality. All this from the hand of a welcoming and responsible entity that requires the support of partners and volunteers to continue growing.
To attract more benefactors by making the entity's online presence more noticeable, Elabs Consulting designed a clear and personalized marketing plan. Among the marketing actions for non-profit foundations that were implemented in the Casal dels Infantes strategy, the following stand out:

  • Onpage SEO techniques with keyword optimization so that search engines are able to detect the content on your web page and index it. An optimization of the metatags to give greater visibility to the landings, as well as the fix of the broken links and redirects.
  • A clear and detailed blog strategy to add value and become the engine to attract users to the website.
  • Training given by our content SEO experts to learn how to create quality and optimized articles.