At Elabs Consulting we have been developing food marketing strategies for the Food sector for years, among many others. We have digital marketing professionals who work daily to boost the online presence and sales of our industry leading clients.

In recent years, traditional players in the food sector (Mercadona, Carrefour, Lidl, etc.) have impassively witnessed the emergence of a large number of online competitors (for example, Ulabox), niche (Bio stores such as Veritas) and, furthermore , have suffered the intrusion of actors until then outside the sector (such as Amazon). For this reason, and to remain competitive, they have been forced to give prominence to their digital platforms and reinvent their objectives and methods of brand dissemination.

Consumers' buying habits have changed: they now trust companies with an online platform that provides detailed information about their food, an easy and intuitive purchase support, an easy-to-navigate ecommerce and a responsive, well-organized and optimized website for the consumer.

At Elabs, we have also been able to demonstrate on several occasions that the presence of food companies in the online environment, always following personalized nutritional marketing strategies, also contributes to an increase in sales in physical establishments.

Ultimately, today's customers trust businesses that implement food marketing strategies to deliver the best user experience across all channels.

We know that it is not easy to find the right partner to carry out your marketing strategy in the food sector. Fortunately, it is a sector that we dominate and, therefore, we encourage you to contact us.

Following our precise, refined and successful methodology, we will study your case and business peculiarities to offer you a personalized strategy that allows us to promote your digital marketing objectives.


Eurolotes was born 50 years ago, with the purpose of producing the highest quality Christmas baskets and batches on the market. Due to its volume of business, it is one of the most competitive companies in the sector that has required an elaborate and powerful marketing plan with visible and progressive results. After 2 years relying on our SEO and SEM experts and their know-how in food marketing, they have seen their sales and organic traffic multiplied x4.


Malvasía is a company that has been specializing in the traditional production of duck foie gras since 1989. In order to remain competitive and maintain an exponential growth rate, they decided to have our services to improve their SEO positioning and thus reach to your potential consumer.

Currently, Malvasía occupies the first position in Google results for keywords related to “foie gras”, “duck pate” and “duck products”.
At the same time, in the last 2 years, PPC strategies have been implemented in both Adwords and Facebook Ads with very satisfactory results (ROAS 300%).


This ecommerce specialized in organic and vegan bio products has trusted Elabs to take off its online sales through a powerful food marketing strategy, implementing SEM and Facebook Ads services.

A UX audit has also been carried out to improve, optimize the purchase funnel and improve the user experience.

With Smartfooding we connect instantly, both gaining in expertise and knowledge, and willing to try new channels and marketing strategies to sell organic food and generate unmatched results in terms of attracting web traffic and sales.