How to appear on google discover? Optimize your content for SEO

Google Discover, formerly Google Feed, consists of a function that the search engine added to its tools to facilitate searches for the user, being accessible to Android and iOS devices.

It is presented with a list of topics, so that the user can access attractive content from the mobile according to their tastes and interests. When entering this function, they are seen as a series of tabs with the title of the articles, part of their content, an image and the name of your website.

Once the user clicks on any of them, Google Discover redirects them to the article page. However, companies can also take advantage of their high traffic and find out how to appear on Google Discover to increase the number of users who see their website.


How to optimize your content to appear on Google Discover?

Google Discover provides information on different topics associated with sports, entertainment, the latest news and even the weather according to the user's location.

Its aim is to offer satisfying experiences to find what is needed through personalized suggestions. In this way, the user can have information at their fingertips without having to deal with the constant publication of digital content.

It is more than a simple search engine and it is a very interesting option for the user, but also for companies that want to increase their traffic and, with it, the number of sales of their products or services.

Google Discover offers great visibility and many people will be able to access the interested web. This will improve the positioning of the brand, although to make it possible it is necessary to know how to optimize your content to appear in Google Discover.

From here we are going to give you the guidelines you need to grow:

Create quality content

Google takes into account quality content, and if they are evergreen much better so that they remain valid over time. If you don't do it this way, you won't get a good ranking. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the available formats so that the text and the visual part look good and have the desired relevance.

Google Discover SEO

To create content that reaches the user, keep the interests of your community in mind at all times and investigate what keywords they use to include them. If you do not know very well how to do it, hire the services of an SEO agency expert in digital marketing such as Elabs Consulting.

Discover Search Console

It is an SEO tool widely used in online marketing to analyze the data of the urls that appear in Google Discover. In fact, from here you can see the clicks, impressions and CTR data.


Since Google Discover is available in multiple languages, if your business is pursuing objectives outside its borders, provide content in different languages ​​to reach a larger audience. If you are just starting out, provide content in Spanish and English so that your possibilities increase.

Use big photos

The images serve to enhance the interest of the user and it is best to include them in large size. Of course, make sure they are of good quality and if they can be original and attractive, the better. Posts with large and quality images tend to have more clicks and users tend to stay longer on their home website.

Avoid duplicate content

Google offers good user experiences, so it will not offer posts that are traced copies. The platform detects non-original content and can filter it to reduce its visibility.

Add titles and videos that attract attention

Titles serve a very important function and must be a maximum of 80 characters so that the feed is not cut off. As for the videos, they will help you to optimize the content. Keep in mind that they are easier for the user to assimilate and very beneficial when it comes to getting your website to appear on Google.

Integrate a responsive design

Google Discover is a service especially focused on mobile devices. For that reason, you must guarantee a responsive design, so that your website is adapted to mobile phones and is easy to use to navigate well. Only then will you appear in the platform's feed.


How to activate Google Discover?

Now that you know how to appear in Google Discover, we will show you how to activate and deactivate Google Discover from the settings of the Google application itself.

The steps that you have to carry out are the same for both actions, so you should not worry. Be that as it may, the process you must carry out is as follows:

  • Open the Google application and press the "More" option.
  • Go to "Settings" and go to "General".
  • Search for "Discover" and turn it on or off depending on what you need.

These simple steps are all you need to activate Google Discover on your phone. Now, if you are interested in customizing the Google feed, keep reading and we will tell you how to do it.

Once you are in the menu, customizing the interface is not that complicated. To do this, just go to the end of the menu and in the "General" section, choose the "Theme" option. From here you can activate, for example, the dark mode.

However, it is also possible to indicate to Google Discover the topics that do not interest you. You just have to click on the three points found on each tab and select the option "I'm not interested."

In addition to getting any news associated with that topic to appear, you can also make a digital media that doesn't interest you disappear directly from the menu.

On the other hand, there may be a medium or topic, whose traffic we want to decrease without completely disappearing. In this sense, you can control the frequency through the "More" and "Less" options that you will find in the button located in the lower right corner of each tab. This way you can make the repetition of a specific medium or topic increase or decrease.

How to view Google news?

If you want to see the news from Google, you have several tricks or possibilities:


Add a widget to the desktop


One of the options to have Google news at hand is to create a widget for our desktop. Simply press and hold a free area on the desktop and select the "Widgets" option. Next, look for the Google section and hold down the "Search" option to take it to your desktop. Once there you can adjust the size and select the "G" to have the Discover application.

Create a shortcut

Another easy and fast alternative to access Google news through the desktop is to create an access. Simply go to the mobile applications and, once you have found the Google icon, press and hold it to drag it to the desktop. Once you have it, press again for Discover to make an appearance.

Once you have Google Discover, you can add or remove the topics you want as follows:

Delete topics

As we have already mentioned, if you do not want to read about a certain topic, you can delete it so that content associated with it does not appear. To do this, press the icon with the three dots that you will find in the upper right part of the news item in question and a menu will appear from where you can select "I'm not interested."
Add topics. If you want just the opposite, that is, add topics of your interest, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the "More news" option. In the window that appears, click on the three points and select "Manage interests". Then click on "Your interests" and manage it as you see fit.

Why can't I see the Google news?

It is a problem that appears frequently. Many users through forums and networks express their concern when not being able to access Google news. Most of those affected say that their mobile device prevents them from loading the news they have selected and although they go back to try again, it still does not load.


Worst of all, the problem is usually associated with Google Discover because most users can access the same news from the browser without any problem. In these cases, Google's problem is not usually associated with a bad update or customization options, and many of the users have ended up informing the manufacturers so that they can offer them a solution.

However, to avoid waiting longer than necessary, it is possible to follow a simple procedure that you will have to do again if the problem persists over time:

  • Enter "Settings" and "Applications" and click on Google.
  • Clear the data and the cache (don't worry because the rest of the files on the mobile will be safe).
  • Enter the Google app and choose the option "Use without any account" that you will find in the upper corner of the icon.
  • Restart the mobile.
  • Once done, choose the Google account and the problem will be solved.

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