Amazon Seller Central: What It Is and How It Works

If you have a company and you are looking for a platform to give visibility to your products and get more sales, Amazon Seller Central may be your best option.

It is a platform in which you will set the sales conditions yourself and the only thing it will do is attract customers to your items.

Here's what Amazon Seller Central is and how it works.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Internet commerce is booming, everyone has changed their shopping walks in the street, scrolling through the main sales pages in the evenings. 60% of sales in 2020 were not made directly to companies that offered their own products, but were made through sales platforms such as Amazon.

If you have a company and you want to give visibility to your products, the best thing you can do is find a recognized sales platform that exhibits your items so that customers can buy them easily, through one click. If your genre is eye-catching and useful, you will be able to see a significant increase in your sales in no time.

Amazon is the platform that is most booming at the moment and to sell through it there are two options: the first is through Amazon Central Seller and the second is through Amazon Vendor Central.

The option that we present to you today is Amazon Seller Central Spain and it is intended for all those companies, SMEs or freelancers who want to sell their products independently and only use Amazon as a platform.

On the other hand, with Amazon Vendor, you would sell your products to Amazon so that they manage the sales as they wanted. The truth is that the decision does not depend on you, but you can only enter Vendor with a prior invitation from Amazon and not by yourself, so today we will focus on Amazon Seller.

Being part of Amazon can help you boost your business in a fast way. It will give you a lot of visibility and, in addition, you can offer temporary discounts so that your products are positioned in the first places of the search engine.

How does Amazon Seller Central work?

The first thing you must do to start selling in Seller Central Amazon is to register on the platform as a company, SME or self-employed person and have your account verified by the Amazon team. The next step will be to hire the plan that best suits your needs and start adding your products to the platform.

You can add the entire catalog of your products and you yourself will choose the sale price of each of your items. To win sales, it is recommended that your articles are promoted and have a lower price than what you usually sell on your website.

If you follow Amazon logistics and your sales are increasing little by little you will not have any problem, but there are certain reasons why Amazon could cancel your account and that would be very detrimental to your sales:

● Your products and your customer service must be of quality to continue in Seller Central Europe.
● If the product is dangerous or has many returns from the customer, they may cancel your account.
● There are prohibited products that you should not sell if you do not want your account to be closed.
● Opening new accounts after your suspension will cause all your accounts to be closed.
● If your account has been hacked, Amazon will automatically close it.

What products to sell on Amazon Seller?

In Central Seller Amazon you can sell products of all categories, as long as they meet the quality requirements mentioned above.
However, there are some prohibited items that you should not offer in your product catalog if you do not want Amazon to close your account as a seller, these items are the following:

● Alcoholic beverages
● Animals
● Automobiles
● Clothes
● Cosmetics
● Coins
● Medications
● Drugs
● Food and beverages without quality seal
● Lottery coupons
● Jewels
● Sanitary products without quality seal
● Pornography
● Tobacco
● Weapons

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon Seller?

Selling on Amazon will mean having many benefits for your company in terms of visibility and recognition, but you must pay a subscription to be part of this platform.


There are two options when choosing a subscription to sell your products on Amazon Seller Central:

● Professional plan: You will pay a monthly fee of € 39, but you will not have to pay anything each time you make a sale. Your sales will be unlimited and the amount you will pay month to month is the same.
● Individual plan: The subscription fee is free, but you will have to pay € 0.99 for each item sold. It is very useful for people who are starting in the sector and have less than 39 sales per month.

What can we do in Amazon Seller Central?

It is normal that, if you have never sold through a platform, you are a little afraid of risking good to first ages. It may also be that you are sure that you want to bet on Amazon Seller Central, but you don't know which marketing strategy will work best for you.

Amazon has considered this possibility and offers its customers the option of being able to do an experiment before officially publishing their products. The experiment consists of creating two well differentiated branches of marketing to see which one works better and bet on that one when the experiment is over.

For an experiment to give you reliable results, Options A and B must be very different. After 10 weeks of your products being on sale, you will be able to do a study of the data that has been collected, to decide which strategy is the most useful to sell your products.

What is the difference between Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor?

At the beginning of this article, we have already commented that Amazon Seller is not the only way to sell through Amazon, although it is the most accessible for new entrepreneurs who still do not have much recognition in the world of sales.

These are the main differences between Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central:

● In Amazon Seller all entrepreneurs have the right to sell their products as long as they pass a favorable registration process, while to be part of Amazon Vendor you have to receive an invitation from Amazon as your company has been selected.
● In Amazon Seller you sell your products to customers and in Amazon Vendor you sell your products to Amazon so that it sells them to customers.
● In Amazon Seller you decide the sale price of your products, on the other hand, in Amazon Sell it will be the platform that chooses the price of your products.
● With Amazon Seller, when you sell a product, it appears as your company has sold it and Amazon has simply been an intermediary, while with Amazon Sell, when the customer buys a product, it appears to him as Amazon has sold that item.
● With Amazon Seller you have to do a marketing job and earn your sales, on the other hand, with Amazon Vendor you can completely forget about the sale of your products, because Amazon takes care of everything.

How to create an Amazon Seller account?

The first thing you should do to start selling on Amazon is to create your account as a seller in Amazon Seller Central and for the platform to accept it.

You should follow these simple steps to create a reliable account so that Amazon has no problem verifying it the first time:

● Choose well the name you want to be displayed on Amazon: it can be yours or that of your company. It should be eye-catching so that your customers will remember you.

● Make sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date so that both Amazon and customers can get in touch with you if necessary.

● You must enter your card details so that Amazon can make the necessary monthly charges

● Write in detail the shipping and return conditions of your products. Try to make them comfortable so that the customer does not hesitate to consume your products.

● Describe the extras you offer in terms of gift wrapping or dedications when preparing the products.

● Upload the image of the company logo in the measurement of 120x30 pixels for the platform to accept it.

● In the description, only talk about how you manage your product on Amazon without trying to link it to another online store that you may have as a company.

● Decide the shipping costs that your customers will have to pay when they buy your products.

● You should never try to link the description or the products that you sell through Amazon to your private website. Both platforms must be very differentiated, even if the product you sell is the same.

How to publish products on Amazon Seller?

The strategy when publishing your products is basic to get customers to decide on your product and buy from you. Ads must not only be attractive, eye-catching and affordable, but they must also convey confidence and security to users who are going to consume your product.

Follow these tips when listing your products on Amazon Seller Central:

● Post a short title, but contain key information.

● Only talk about that specific product and not about all the ones you have for sale as an entrepreneur.

● Make a description of between 80 and 200 characters maximum so that it is easy for users to read.

● In the title, use numerical figures whenever you can.

● Use uppercase and lowercase letters well as appropriate. Do not write all the text in capital letters, even if you think that will attract the attention of more customers.

● Photos must show only the product you will sell, without accessories that are not included.

● Use a white background to take a picture of your products.

● Avoid photographs that are not of good quality, that could make us lose sales.

● Upload photos with at least 1600 pixels.

Now you know what Amazon Seller Central is and how it works. If you have decided to start selling your products through this platform to reach a wider audience and thus increase your sales, take a look at the Amazon website and find out more before creating your account as a seller.

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