Because maintaining the positions in Google, we lose 30% of the traffic

The goal of SERPs is to make the search process easier and provide valuable information to the user who is searching. On the other hand, there is SEO, a digital marketing technique that serves to make a company more visible, being one of the best options we have to try to position ourselves as well as possible in search engines.
In this article we are going to tell you why we maintain positions and lose traffic, analyzing the different causes that can cause this situation. Attention!

We maintain positions, but we lose SEO traffic

SERPs show a list of results that are considered relevant by Google's algorithms. However, these algorithms are not always the same and, in order to offer the most useful and highest quality content to users, they are renewed every day.
Why do we hold positions and lose traffic? In order for the website to obtain the best positioning in the search results, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail:
● Site operation
● Ease of navigation
● Relevance of the contents
However, at a given moment it may happen that, despite maintaining the same position, a loss of traffic is observed.
The truth is that, even if you continue to have a good web positioning, if you do not closely follow the changing parameters and criteria of the Google algorithm, you can lose traffic.

Keyword research

The study of keywords for SEO consists of grouping the variants of the main keyword that may have relevance for the web, the products, the services, the content and the potential users.
After creating an initial list of the most potential keywords, they should be ordered and used according to their level of importance or priority. To carry out this research and build your initial list, it is important to consider the following aspects:
● Main keyword
● Monthly search volume
● Keyword difficulty
● Level of competitiveness
● Cost per click (CPC)
● Current position

Evolution of Google SERPs

SERPs are Google's results pages. Every time a user makes a query, a multitude of answers appear ordered according to their degree of relevance. This level of relevance is conditioned by Google's algorithms or metrics, which influence the SEO strategy of a company.
For that reason, it is important to know how it works and understand the features of its most prominent versions. Without going any further, Google presented us in 2021 with its latest algorithm called Core Update, which takes into account the usefulness, quality and relevance of the content of a web page, in addition to assessing its user experience.

Real example

SERPs are optimal for the user, although they can complicate the job of marketers when it comes to making a website stand out in organic search results despite being at the top of the search engine. Certainly, this is a challenge in SEO positioning, since many of the searches may not be generating a click.
Search engines get better and better over the years. A while back, if you searched the internet for the word "pizza", you would be presented with an imaginable mix of restaurants, pizza blogs, review sites and directories.
Today, the first thing you'll get when you search for that same word is a map of your area with the closest pizzerias, as well as information about its definition on Wikipedia and its nutritional data.

Case study In case of improving the web positioning of a word like "Taijutsu" for a specific website about this type of fight that appears, for example, in position 10, a good SEO strategy must be developed.
First of all, we must analyze the keyword to find out the users it can bring us per month and analyze the available SEO positioning resources, as well as its semantic keywords and study the current SERPs to obtain valid conclusions.
It is key to think about the content to be created, basically informational, and to see how we can compete with organic results, for example, through the creation of videos.
Following this line, it is important to analyze the real competition at the SEO level and identify their good practices to try to improve them.
The last thing will be to establish an action plan and strategy based on the conclusions obtained:
● Insert ALT tags on images
● Improve link building
● Link anchor text related to the keyword from the home


Google is getting smarter and by improving its search engine, we may find ourselves holding positions and losing traffic. Therefore, companies must improve their strategy in proportion.
Google has updated its algorithm many times, and although most of these updates are small, others are significant and can take their toll.
Since the Google SERPs follow a process of continuous change and innovation, in order to obtain good search engine optimization and attract our potential audience, it is necessary to know very well the evolution of the SERPs and work on SEO according to the information obtained. . In other words, to lead the SERPs thanks to SEO positioning, we must discover what they are and how they work.



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