COPYWRITING: 10 TIPs to be a copywriter

Copywriting is an English term that can be confusing if you are not familiar enough with it. Today, many people take it into account, although very few know how effective copywriting is to sell.

If you have been thinking about it for a while and need to know in depth what copy marketing is and what it is used for, read on and you will get up to speed on everything.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting refers to the process of creating original texts for persuasive purposes to develop effective marketing actions. This concept can refer to the website, a catalog or an email. As for the professional who is responsible for preparing these texts, he is known by the name of copywriter, an exciting profession that we will talk about later

Before continuing it is important to define another related term such as copywriting for landing pages. Within any marketing campaign, this element is key. Its function is to collect information from customers or users and then store it in a complete database, which over time will be of great help to us.

For everything to go according to plan, the landing pages created must be of quality and the persuasive copies that are part of them must be striking and practical to obtain the user's visit. Within this point it is also important to pay attention to the "Call to Action", a wake-up call that encourages the visitor to action.

There are different types of pages, although all of them must work very well with the texts to obtain results. That is why it is essential to create the best copywriting strategies, leading to attractive enough landing pages.

Likewise, we must mention the advertising copywriter, where a specialized professional is dedicated to writing content to promote products or services, being able to attract a large audience and generate sales.

Writing in marketing means convincing and the main task of web copywriting is to convince the target audience of an idea or of the purchase of something specific. It is the act of producing effective texts to direct the audience when making a decision, be it a direct purchase or another different action such as reading content.

The popularity of this strategy has been increasing in recent years along with other new marketing strategies associated with content marketing or inbound marketing. However, convincing the audience of something is not easy. The texts must be interesting and captivating, and for this we must have good copywriting.

Users are becoming more and more demanding and it is no longer enough to make a simple propaganda. The target audience wants valuable information and the practice of web copy offers value and conveys what the consumer wants to see.

What is a copywriter?

What is being a copywriter and doing the copywriting? As we have already said, it is the person in charge of writing those promotional texts to increase the visibility and notoriety of a company. He is an expert whose role is not merely to write writings, but must take into account certain strategic aspects associated with the online presence of the brand.

Among his main tasks are the following:

  • You have to develop a content plan related to the sector in which the company you work for is dedicated and include in it the main keywords that people use.
  • It is very important to define an adequate communication strategy to go in the same direction as the brand, following the tone and style of the company when expressing itself.
  • Write all kinds of texts and correct them, whether for websites, publications in networks, email marketing, landing pages or landing pages, among others.
  • Edit and correct texts, taking into account different aspects such as style, grammar, spelling and SEO.

What does it take to be a copywriter?

To become a copywriter it is necessary to have a good writing and be willing to continue learning to keep abreast of all the news related to this area.

If you are wondering what kind of studies are necessary to carry out this profession, the answer is simpler than you imagine: you will not need any training. In fact, companies will not ask you for a specific career title and your personal situation is not relevant. No matter how old you are or what studies you have finished, the only thing they want from you is that you have the necessary knowledge and that you handle the writing well.

Thus, as with many digital professions today, there is no official title associated with copywriting. Of course, companies are looking for specific profiles to fill those vacancies that have the following skills:

  • Good writing. To do good copywriting you must write with great dexterity, and your grammar and spelling have to stand out. The texts must have an adequate and logical structure, and the stylistic resources must be handled with enough ease to capture the public's attention.
  • Ingenuity and creativity. The texts must be original and must not be the result of several joined copies taken from the internet. For copywriting texts to achieve their desired purpose, it is necessary to add ingenious and original touches to connect with the target audience.
  • Digital marketing. The copywriter must carry out different writing tasks and adapt to any channel, be it the content of a website or a publication on Facebook. The professional must function very well in all these formats and know how to use them to obtain the objectives of the company.
  • SEO. To go further and increase the visibility of a company, it is necessary to position well and, if possible, obtain the first positions in the main search engines. The copywriter is not obliged to know the technical aspects in depth, but to research and find the keywords that he needs to add to his texts.
  • Languages. The professional in charge of copywriting a company has to access multiple sources of information online to prepare the content well, and many of them will be in English.

10 TIPs for becoming a good copywriter

A good copywriter should keep in mind some guidelines to grow and avoid stagnation. In this profession, you have to pay attention to some important factors in content production and these are some of the keys to becoming a true copywriting professional:

Always study and learn

It is not a topic. To work a good copywriting it is necessary to master the language used, and even if it is possible to write in other languages, much better, but it is also necessary to update and expand knowledge, for example, about text optimization techniques. If you don't constantly update yourself, the texts will no longer be current and will not be as effective.


Organize production

The experience will lead you to know how much you are capable of producing each day and if you can commit to delivering several projects or jobs on time. Organizing production and knowing exactly the volume of daily work that you can cover is essential to avoid working under pressure or not respecting delivery deadlines with the risks that this entails: that a client gets upset and stops counting on you.


Having a well-structured publication calendar and staying organized are key aspects of being a professional copywriter.

Create goals and good content

You must make sure that the information taken is sufficiently verified and that the texts you write are clear, objective and precise. Keep in mind that part of your job is to read other content and collect data before getting down to business, and that writing the resulting text should be a rewarding experience.


The person must read what you have written clearly and to make it possible your texts must have an orderly structure and be easy to understand. Otherwise we run the risk that the user will abandon the reading prematurely.

Putting oneself in the place of the public to whom it is directed

If the texts tell intimate, emotional or similar things, write the content thinking that it is directed to close people such as your friends. If the text in question has to be formal, make sure that your words are aimed at that end.


Indeed, you must put yourself in the place of the target audience and know what their needs and doubts are so that your texts are a success and maximize the number of visits.

Use storytelling

Storytelling is an ideal ploy for good copywriting. It is not about simply telling a story, but about creating enriching experiences that motivate readers, in a way that encourages them to share their own experiences.


Think about it for a moment. If copywriting consists of the creation of persuasive writing and storytelling is the art of telling stories, does not the union of both mean a good advertising copy?

"Mental triggers"

Mental triggers are like a kind of stimulus that influences the user when making a decision. It is about directing the customer to where you want it, such as the sale of a product or service.


The mental triggers used in a company are many and can be based on the identification of values ​​between the client and the brand, public trust, exclusivity, the connection between the consumers of a brand, and so on.

The mental triggers for sales that generate the most results are related to urgency, scarcity, novelty, authority, exclusivity, profit or fear of loss.

Be careful when using SEO techniques

It is very good to use different SEO techniques to differentiate ourselves from other competitors. Of course, it is not advisable to abuse and use them without any moderation. Both the use of keywords and storytelling or mental triggers should be used wisely. In this way, they will complement the text to reach the first positions in the organic searches of the users. If in the end you exaggerate and do not take into account the style and quality of the content, Google will penalize it.


Rewrite whenever necessary

Plagiarism is not well received by anyone. Businesses don't support them, users reject them, the original owners of the text can condemn it, and Google penalizes it. To avoid all this, the best thing for everyone is to create original content, even if this means doing more searches and reading more.


Guide and prepare content

As we have already said, the content must be your own and must have a high quality. However, its efficiency will be proportional to the information provided and the data collected in it. This means that the content has to be relevant and very complete so that the user can benefit from it.


The copywriter must satisfy important doubts through their texts and the people who read them must be able to use them to make the right decisions. The content should be aimed at solving problems and obtaining answers related to the sector in which the company is dedicated.

Review the text

In addition to containing relevant information, the text must be very well written. Communication must be clear and precise, and the type of language must be correct (formal or informal), but be sure to review the content as many times as necessary to enhance its quality.


Within digital marketing, copywriting has become a very interesting area that requires dedication and constant updating. A company that wants to shine with its own light must have the figure of an experienced copywriter who knows how to convey and convince its target audience.

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