SEO: Basic guide for beginners

What is seo or organic positioning in Google? Do you have a website and are you looking for how to do seo on it? Next, we provide you with a guide so you can start controlling a theme, ideal for beginners.

In digital marketing, SEO is essential for any website that wants to attract quality traffic and obtain greater visibility on the internet. Now, there are several key factors that must be taken into account for SEO positioning to make it work.

We are talking about a series of essential actions to obtain a good position in the Google results list. Do you want to know what they consist of to upload your website to the first positions?


What is SEO positioning? It consists of carrying out a good optimization of keywords or keywords to make our website be in the first positions of Google every time the user searches for something specific that could well be there.

Given the great competition that currently exists in the digital world, it is essential to work on SEO and use a series of effective tools to attract as many users as possible.

Without the use of these techniques, online sites would be in serious difficulty for users to find them in search engines such as Google, which is currently the most used worldwide.

In order for search engines to be clear about which pages are more relevant than others, they use algorithms that review different elements such as:

  • Keywords or keywords . In reality, keywords are questions that the user asks and that Google intends to answer through its relevant pages.
  • Title . Another important aspect is the title that should head each of the landings on our website.
  • Meta description . It's a short description that appears below the page title in search results. This is an HTML tag that describes the content of that page.
  • Header tags . They determine the size of the headings (



    ) and, when it comes to SEO optimization, they work as a guide and to summarize the text.

  • friendly URLs . The URL is important to enter the website in question, but also to suggest the content of that page to the user.


When it comes to selling products or providing services online, content marketing is a fundamental step. Communicating with the public to offer something is not as simple as it seems, as it requires a thoughtful strategy and an effective content plan to know how to communicate and transmit valuable information. 

The content is divided into informational and transactional , two different strategies with which to achieve success. In fact, in digital marketing they are essential, since each one carries out a specific function that will accompany the user in the purchase decision phase. What is pursued, therefore, is to attract the user to later make way for their conversion and the closing of the sale.

  • Informational content provides valuable information to the user on a specific topic. In order to connect with the audience, it is necessary to use good content according to their interests. The idea is that a user who does not intend to buy finds the information he needs through our website, thus becoming a potential customer thanks to the use of informational content that attracts him. For example, "what kind of shoes are recommended for learning to walk?"
  • Transactional content , on the other hand, tries to persuade the target audience during the purchase decision process . In other words, once the user has been informed through the informational content, they only have additional information to make a decision. In the case above, an example would be, "where to buy shoes to learn to walk?".


The transactional part of a website is aimed at completing a transaction , which is why it is usually accompanied by terms such as "subscription" or "purchase". From here we will describe some of the techniques used to obtain its efficiency.


Keyword Research seeks to identify interesting keywords or terms that users usually search for so that the website appears well positioned in Google. These keywords will be the basis on which to organize adequate SEO strategies , being one of the first steps that must be carried out.

When searching for the right keywords based on basic SEO, there are a few essential requirements to keep in mind:

  • That the keywords are associated with our products and services.
  • That they suit our objectives, that is, if we want to obtain conversions, it is convenient to look for terms with a high purchase intention.
  • Keywords that have a number of competent searches.
  • They don't have much competition.


Keywords shorttail is a concept associated with searches for great results, with a high level of competitiveness, although it can be a great option to attract traffic. They are general terms that usually do not have more than two words.

When it comes to searching for web positioning, they are attractive because they can count on millions of searches a day . However, despite the fact that they can increase the number of visits, they can also be useless because users may not show interest in the brand's products or services after reaching the website.


With this strategy we achieve greater visibility before Google. To make it possible, it is necessary to investigate the keywords of each product and adapt them to the searches made by users. In this way, it is necessary to study with precision the chosen keywords to translate them into the content.

It is about linking the products to topics that are trending in Google search results. In this way, the articles will be positioned through associated semantic words. Thus, by adding value to the user, we will make them stay longer on our website. 


Metatags or metatags are HTML tags with which to mark what is shown in Google search results. They are added to the header of a page and are imperceptible to the visitor, although they are very useful for browsers that can use that information.

Including metatags in platforms like Wordpress is simple, thanks to the creation of plugins that solve any need. In the case of Wordpress, SEO Yoast is a free plugin with which you can mark the meta title, the meta description and the friendly url for each content.


It is used to assign poor or low-quality content, that is, it is content that hardly adds value to the user. It is usually a common problem in blogs, web platforms and online stores as they fail to position themselves correctly and turn received visits into bounces.

A website can have traffic despite having Thin Content if it uses different channels that are not affected by organic positioning, as is the case of a large newsletter, an important activity in social networks or in the case of paid online advertising .

Be that as it may, it is preferable to bet on natural positioning due to its many advantages, such as the increase in quality traffic without the need to make high investments.


Within a website we must organize our products based on the searches carried out by the user. Any self-respecting ecommerce must be distinguished by easy navigation so that the user can find what they are looking for effectively.

The idea is to avoid making the user work so as not to lose sales. In fact, the fewer clicks the user has to make to access the content, the better. Example Home> Oils> Olive oils > Extra Virgin Olive Oil-250 ml.


For many users , the quick search is essential to find the product you want and facilitate your purchase. To do so, it is possible to add a results filter according to price, size, material or colour.

Now, by adding more options, even if the user is looking for a certain item, they may end up opting for several more products. Related articles are a way to capture customer attention to offer more variety to the buyer.


Rich Snippets are HTML code used to interpret the content of a web page. When searching on Google, we often find eye-catching descriptions in the results, with fields that are out of the ordinary whose objective is to better position the website.

With this technique it is possible to catalog different parts of a website as an assessment or the author of the content. Logically, one result will draw more attention than another when it has a Rich Snippet.


A large part of the searches carried out by users on the network are looking for specific information.

The informational part of a website, therefore, is based on the most frequent type of search and must be able to answer specific questions or go deeper into specific topics. These are the elements used to enhance your positioning.


When it comes to highlighting the content of your blog, it is important to do an analysis of the keywords through a well-defined content strategy. Managing content well means adding value and incorporating keywords naturally, without having to give up your style.

To do so , think about the content to write, what your potential audience needs to read and what expressions people use to find information or certain products and services.


Metatags for blog articles are virtual tags used so that robots can identify and classify the information provided. By correctly using these tags, our website will improve in the face of our web positioning and search engines.

The most prominent meta tags to take into account are: meta description, meta keywords and meta robots.


Regarding the length of the articles, those that lead the first page of Google usually have about 1900 words, although quality content prevails above all. For example, even if your article has 2000 words, if its content is barely relevant, it will be relegated by others.


A few years ago there was no need to create vertical content, but since smartphones made an appearance, we cannot ignore it. The mobile audience can turn the mobile to watch videos on different platforms such as Netflix or YouTube. However, when consulting certain mobile applications such as Instagram, we must consult the information in a vertical position.


Internal links play a fundamental role in search engines. It refers to the links of a web page that direct the user to another subpage of the same web. They are very important because they help the user to navigate the site, improving the user experience.

Internal links also serve to consolidate the hierarchy of the website by shifting some of the flow from the larger categories to the smaller ones. They are also helpful in transferring authority to smaller pages, which benefits their positioning.


Sometimes the search engine provides automatic answers to certain questions so that the user doesn't even have to bother clicking the link. Although you may think that, in this way, the visits to your website can go down, the truth is that it will give you greater visibility and your positioning will improve.

Recipe websites were the first to apply the Rich Snippet, although the following also exist:

  • Rich Rating Snipppets (yellow stars),
  • Rich Listing Snippets
  • Rich Snippets of first-person questions to answer user questions
  • Rich Snippets of articles, usually with short and concrete concepts.

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