When we want to create a web page, the first thing that comes to mind is the products and services that we are going to offer. But it will be later when we ask ourselves, how do we make users find us? This is where an SEO copywriting agency, content marketing, or SEO copywriting comes in.

At our agency, we carry out SEO optimizations for content from many different sectors, with the help of professional copywriters who are experts in SEO writing and copywriting.

And it is not the same to write normally than to develop writing optimized for SEO positioning: in the second, we must satisfy Google on the one hand and the user on the other.

At Elabs we are experts in SEO writing focused on organic positioning. Our maxims are the following:

  • SEO copywriting should be natural.
  • Write content for SEO, it must be complementary to the message we want to convey: so, first we will write without thinking about search engines and, afterwards, we will optimize the texts.
  • The contents must give a satisfactory answer to the intention of the user's search.

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Do you want to have a better position on your website?

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Do you want to have a better position on your website?