Like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, Twitter also offers its own pay per click (PPC) advertising platform. In it, it is possible to promote content and accounts to more than 300 million users.

The advantages of betting on advertising on social networks are numerous: gain visibility, attract web traffic, gain followers in our online community, among the most prominent.


Types of ads:

  • Promoted Tweets

They carry a tag that identifies them, but they look very similar to organic tweets, greatly increasing their visibility.

  • Promoted accounts

They allow to quickly increase the number of followers: position any account in the head of the suggestions offered by the platform in our niche.

  • Promoted trends

It has a slightly higher cost than the previous two options, but the payoff may be better. Betting on a promoted trends campaign allows our product to become a trend and reach new audiences.


At Elabs Consulting we have found that, for certain products and companies, Twitter Ads optimally fits into branding and visibility strategies.

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