One of the most determining aspects of online marketing is, without a doubt, being able to transmit the results and objectives achieved to justify the validity of the actions carried out.

Whether it is SEO, SEM or any type of online strategy, being able to clearly and accurately transmit the results is key to making correct decisions, identifying aspects to improve and defining new actions.

Data Studio is a Google tool that allows you to collect and organize data from different sources that are essential for day-to-day management in digital marketing: web analytics tools, social networks, databases, etc. In a dynamic and understandable way, you will be able to create a dashboard that will allow you to view the most relevant information more easily.

To make sound and well-informed decisions in your marketing strategy, it is vital to have the support of a good digital marketing agency. At Elabs we have an expert team in creating Data Studio reports capable of presenting all the information in an easy and useful way through dashboards and data visualization.

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