After becoming the social network par excellence without charging a single euro to its users, Facebook knew how to capitalize its audience with its own PPC advertising services.

Under the Business Management platform, the social network manages advertising on Facebook, Instagram and on the network of affiliated applications. The services they provide are similar to those of Google Ads and Bing Ads, but aimed at exclusive users of both social networks.

Among the advantages of Facebook Ads we can mention:

  • Audience segmentation: with a potential audience of 1.3 billion users, this is its strongest point. Its categorization of interests and sociodemographic information allows us to segment very effectively.
  • Organic integration: to the fact that users are in their leisure time and are “off guard”, it must be added that the ads are very effectively integrated between organic publications. This factor favors user interaction.
  • Large number of ad formats and campaign objectives: whether we are looking for leads, visits, likes or sales, FBA will provide us with specific resources to achieve these conversions.

At Elabs we have extensive experience in social ads and we have several success stories from clients from very diverse sectors. Although it is true that the Facebook Ads audience is far from the business side, it is still one of the best retargeting platforms and a very good choice in order to capture direct leads, achieve conversions and close sales.

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