Increase your sales with an ad strategy on Amazon

Creating a store on Amazon, uploading your products and starting to sell, is a relatively simple process. And so, the competition is fierce. Therefore, complementing your sales strategy with an advertising strategy is key to stand out among your direct competitors.

Amazon has an internal advertising tool similar to Google Ads: it is a keyword bidding system. If we create an Amazon advertising campaign, when a user performs a search using a certain keyword, we can choose to appear as a sponsored product, being the first in the list of results.

Although this advertising has a cost, the advantage is that it will only be paid when the user clicks on our sponsored ad. As the user will arrive at the destination landing, the probability that he will end up buying is very high and the return is almost guaranteed.

In addition to the sponsored products on the search results page, there are also other locations that we can bid on. For example, related products. In this way, if a user is viewing a product from your competitor, they will appear with your product to offer them alternatives. Also, if a user is viewing a related product, you can show them complementary products and cross-sell.

If you want more information about the available Amazon ads, get in touch with us and we will gladly advise you.

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