What is SEO on Amazon?

Very simple: in the same way that there are a set of techniques aimed at optimizing organic positioning on the Google results page, there are also several SEO recommendations for Amazon that will allow us to reach the first positions of results within the marketplace.

By following a good SEO strategy, sellers can improve their position in the ranking of results, increase their visibility and, consequently, increase the number of clicks to their products.

First of all, you have to analyze the keywords that users use to search for our type of products. These will be the keywords for which we want to position. Next, we will take on the fundamental task of adapting the descriptions and titles of our products.

However, unlike conventional SEO, other factors such as the number of sales, number of opinions and average rating also intervene for Amazon SEO.

One of the most positive points of SEO on Amazon is that the technical quality of the web does not influence because everything falls on Amazon's side. If we add to that the fact that 60% of users prefer to search directly in the Marketplace and not in Google, good practices ensure fast and accessible results.

Do you have a store on Amazon and you can't sell? Do you have a traditional offline business and want to start your online adventure fast and easy? If this is the case with your company, get in touch with us and we will advise you on your new adventure.

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