As soon as you know about websites and tracking, you will know that each advertising and analytics tool has its own data collection system. Each one has its own pixel (the code that allows you to track a user) and, sometimes, the number of tags is such that it slows down the page loading speed.

In response to this situation, Google launched Google Tag Manager years ago. This tool allows you to simplify the installation of pixels and HTML code on our website.

And it does it so easily that not even extensive development knowledge is required. It is for this reason that it is also one of the favorite tools of marketing professionals, thanks to the autonomy it grants them.

Elabs has an expert team in Tag Manager configuration: first, we will define the pixels strictly necessary for your website; Next, the variables to be captured to complete the information of said pixels will be defined; And finally, we will identify the user events that will activate those pixels.

With Tag Manager you can speed up the loading of your website without giving up perfect tracking.

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